Home Nursing

Home nursing Care in Patna
Sky home Nursing Services in Patna is provided with nurses who are GNM certified and have experience of the services. Our home nursing services include Vaccination or immunization at home, Postoperative care, Maternity care at home for mother and newborn baby, geriatric elderly person care at home etc. Home nursing care is an efficient way to render the best health care services at home. It would save your hard earned money; you will have the advantage of availing all the treatments without being hospitalized or visiting a medical clinic. King also provides a complete ICU solution at your home. A user can save a lot on the cost of the ventilator, oxygen cylinder, and other equipment. We provide dialysis facility at home on the relatively lower price.

On the call, Doctors can be provided in Patna 24*7 at low cost. Our nurses would not only care and provide complete drugs and medicine administration but they would also train and educate family members of the patient for do’s and don’ts. Providing health care services at home is a convenient option with excellent patient management aimed at reducing the medical expenses as well as enhances the quality of services. Our services are Nutrition therapy or intravenous, Wound treatment for a surgical wound or pressure sores, taking blood pressure, temperature and heartbeat rate. Our caregivers also prepare health report as per prescription of the Doctor or as needed. Home Nursing Services in Patna would help you heal fast, save your hard earned money and you will get accompany of the family members all the time.



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